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About us

WDCS, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment.

WDCS was established in 1987. Our objectives are:

  • To reduce and ultimately eliminate the continuing threats to cetaceans and their habitat.
  • To raise awareness of these unique animals and the need to protect them in their natural environment.

WDCS achieves these objectives through a mix of campaigning, research, education, awareness and representing the interests of whales and dolphins at relevant national and international forums.

WDCS is unique in combining concern for the welfare of whales and dolphins with efforts to ensure the protection of species, populations and their habitats.

WDCS Australasia is based in Adelaide, South Australia. WDCS also has offices in the UK, Germany, Argentina and the United States. WDCS funds field conservation and research projects all over the world including Colombia, India, West Africa, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Our international team of researchers, scientists and conservationists gives us a truly global reach.

WDCS works for the future of whales and dolphins through:

  • Stop
  • Protect
  • Connect

WDCS works to Stop the threats to cetaceans, such as

  • captivity
  • killing and trade
  • fisheries and bycatch
  • noise and chemical pollution

WDCS works to protect species and habitats by focusing conservation efforts on

  • species and populations
  • habitats
  • migration paths

WDCS seeks to connect with people to bring about change through

  • whale and dolphin watching
  • education
  • adopt a dolphin
  • adopt an orca
  • donations
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